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Writer notes: The story below contains spoilers. Please read it at your own risk ^^ The story is based on the Otome game 'Mystic Messenger' as the player's view and background's story. If you haven't play the game and want to play it, I suggest you to play it first before reading this. But if you want, go ahead~ You have been warned.

Once again, I do not own Mystic Messenger.

[Y/N] couldn’t sleep. She tried to switch positions, to find a comfortable pose to sleep. Yet everytime she closed her eyes, her mind kept reminding her about Yoosung and Seven. Are they safe? Where will they be? Questions kept popping up and she started to feel anxious about it. She pushed herself up to a sitting position and placed the pillow behind her back to lean on. She looked  at Jumin, who was sitting on the sofa across the bed and reading his book. Seemed like the male was really confused on what he was reading and didn’t even realise that the female was watching him.

[Y/N] was fascinated with the view in front of her. His perfect messy hair which the female would love to run her fingers through the locks. His chiseled jawline that she found really attractive. His dark grey eyes that could suffocate [Y/N] with one single stare. His lips… his soft lips that could take away her soul. She gulped as her eyes continued to travel down. Not to mention about how he wore his dress shirt which he unbuttoned first three buttons, slightly showing his chest muscle.

“….” Jumin looked up and his brow twitched with a smirk on his face, eyes met hers.

She shrugged and realised that she had unconsciously crawled toward the end of the bed while observing the male. Of course, the male seemed like he knew she was staring at him. “Hey…” She awkwardly greeted him. He remained silent, seemed like organising his thoughts. “You’re still awake? Is something uncomfortable?” He asked worriedly. She pulled back and leaned on the pillow she placed by the headboard, shaking her head. Jumin placed the book in his hands on the coffee table in front of the sofa he was sitting on. “It’s not even nearly morning yet.” He stood up and walked toward her. “Is the bed uncomfortable?” She shook her head, still felt embarrassed. “What are you doing up?” She asked. He sat by the bed as he tugged her hair behind her ear. “I was observing you sleep. You can’t know how wonderful it is to hear you breathe when you’re sleeping.” Hear her breathe? Sleeping? She gasped as she covered her mouth, asked. “I didn’t snore, did I?”

He chuckled. “When the moonlight hits your hair, all that anxiety that’s been torturing me throughout the day magically disappears and for a while, tranquil and beautiful peace persists.” Lowering down her hand, she placed her hand on her chest and felt relief. “So I didn’t snore…” He held onto her free hand, smiled ruefully. “But… Once the sun comes up and you start your day, I’ll be anxious again. Anxious thoughts of you leaving… of someone making you leave…” The insecure in his eyes reminded her on the first time they met each other. “Did you feel that way towards Elizabeth?” She asked. He shook his head and intertwined their fingers. “Not this much… but feebly, yes. And I realised something after losing her.” He then placed his free and cupped her cheek. “If there’s something I want to protect, I have to be by her side all the time. And the person I want to protect right now is you, [Y/N].” Feeling his warmth, she slowly leaned her head toward his hand. He continued. “So I don’t want you to go anywhere. I know that I am not rational, but I know how special you are… I want to overprotect you.”

She didn’t say anything. She just looked away from him as she continued to look into his eyes, she might jumped on him.

“But I know myself. Once this anxiety goes away, I will be rational again… So please just bare with me.”



Nyan Cat theme ringtone…

[Y/N] groaned as she was woken by the nose of her ringtone. “I swear… When I meet Seven in the party, I am going to shove the phone by his ear and let him know how annoying it is…” She mumbled as she covered her head with the pillow. Yet the phone continued ringing, the only solution was to pick it you. She removed the pillow as she looked at the high ceiling and reached out for her phone, picked up. “Hello?” She answered sleepily. Then her favourite voice had spoken. “It’s me.” She immediately felt the energy flowed in her veins and pushed herself up, smiled. “Oh Hey!” Hearing her voice, he continued. “I had to check whether you’re still doing okay at home.” She sat by the edge of the bed as she looked around the room. ‘Jumin must’ve left for work during I was sleeping…’ She thought.

“Oh. Don’t worry. I just woke up to start my day.” She answered and got off the bed, slowly walked to the bathroom and prepared her toothbrush to brush her teeth. She put the male in speaker and muted her side as she continued doing her morning routine. “I’m sorry I left you alone in that house. It was still dangerous for you to come with me so I had no choice…” The male explained. After brushing her teeth, she turned off the speaker and un-muted the voice receiver. “You should’ve wake me up to at least be with you to the lobby… But you might feel anxious, isn’t it?” She said as she walked out of the room toward the living room. “I just felt like the same thing was going to happen if you walk outside that door… “ She sighed as she heard his reply. “ I will think about sending you home once I know you’re 100% safe, so don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry. I understand.” She said as she looked around the empty living-room and open kitchen. How should she start her day? She scratched her head. “hmmm…” “I’ve filled up the fridge with fresh fruit for you. Why don’t you try eating some?” He suggested, like he knew what she was wondering about. She giggled and walked toward the fridge. “Fruits? Perfect to make a smoothie.” She looked around. “I see that you don’t have a blender. Should I go ask the bodyguards? But I suppose that they don’t know where to get one… Anyone I can contact? I don’t want to suddenly call you with this kind of matter.. ” She asked as she opened the fridge door. “The phone in the living room is connected to the one in the lobby. Press 0 and you’ll be able to reach them.” He answered. “Also… I told you this yesterday, but if you need, they’ll deliver meals prepared nu a chef. And it’s not just food. They can bring you anything to help you pass the time…”

She took an apple and walked toward the sofa. She sat down as she took a bite of it. “That’s really convenient.” The male heard a bit of frustration from the female, and guilt trip hit him. “Please stay safe and sound until I return. I have a lot of work right now so I think I have to stop by a couple places before going to the office.” She sighed. “Alright…” The male sighed for relief. “You might not be able to reach me easily… but don’t forget that I am always thinking about you.” He paused before whispered the words. “I miss you even right now.”  This man certainly knew how to make her skip a heartbeat. “I…” She answered shyly. “I miss you too… I’ll be here, so don’t worry and come home as soon as you can.” He chuckled. “Thank you… I feel so happy to hear you say that. So you’ll be greeting me when I come home? Just like… a married couple.”

She accidentally dropped her apple on the sofa and she immediately picked it up. Damn Jumin! But the sound of Married Couple wasn’t a bad idea. Hearing no reply from the female, Jumin continued. “I already feel like we’re living together… I understand you want to return to the apartment, but please make yourself at home, so that living there feels more natural.” She went for the sink and washed the apple that she dropped. “Well… we are kind of living together right now…” She mumbled. “And how am I going to feel natural when you’re… with… me…” The male smiled and decided not to answer her since he seemed to like how [Y/N] acted cutely around him. “Oh, I think the driver needs to talk to me. Maybe there’s a change in schedule…” He half lied.

“I’ll call you as soon as I can. Just stay there and rest, my love.”

She lowered down her phone as she stared at it. “That man… He surely is a S…” She mumbled to herself.



[Y/N] felt worried and relief at the same time. Lot of things had happened within one day. She was glad that Jumin’s meeting with his father went well, Yoosung and Seven were safe and of course, Elizabeth the 3rd was found. Yet she was worried because of Seven and Jumin. Seven seemed to be not okay after they went to the Castle on the Mountain. He sounded really depressed and wasn’t like the usual him. Or should she say it was another side of him that he didn’t want others to know, just like Jumin. On the other hand, Jumin seemed to be serious about returning Elizabeth to V. Knowing him for these days, she knew that the male really loved the cat and surely Elizabeth loved him. It was just a cat instinct to explore. If they lived apart, both would be very heartbreaking.

She stood by the living room window as she watched the beautiful city lights. She sighed. She couldn’t do much for them. All she could do was to comfort.

Nyan cat theme ringtone…

She looked down at her phone, wondering who was calling. It was Seven. Her eyes widened and immediately picked it up. “Hello?” She answered. “It’s me….I don’t know why I’m calling…” He spoke out weakly, sounded like he was breaking inside. “Seven?” She called. She could hear a faint smile from him but surely he was faking it. “But yeah. I do have something I want to talk about.” Thinking about that he might wanted to talk about what had happened, she sat on the sofa and readied herself. “Sure. Go ahead.” “I…” He said hesitantly. “Really hope that things go well between you and Jumin. I mean it… I know I joke around a lot, but I sincerely think you suit Jumin the best.”

“Thank you, Seven…” She wasn’t used to it. Even though Seven was blessing her and Jumin, but it felt like a heartbreaking blessing. “And… uhh… I’m sorry I was so weird in the chatroom. I just didn’t want people to feel bad because of me.” He continued. “Seven… It’s okay. You know, if you do have any troubles. Me and the others are there for you.” She said worriedly. “I think when you have someone you like, you have to be good to them when they are with you.” He sighed. “If you make the decision to leave thinking it’s the best for the other person, you’ll just end up hurting both.” It felt like he was talking to her yet it felt like he wasn’t. [Y/N] pursed her lips. “Seven, did something happen at that place?” He sighed once again, wanting to avoid her question. “I called you to tell you that. Just know that you can’t ever recover lost time. It may look the same… but if the inside has changed… it hurts.” He sounded he wanted to cry.

She really wanted to know what happened yet if Seven refused to tell, she couldn’t just force him. She took a deep breath. The only thing she could do was to be there and comfort him. At least in spiritual even if she couldn’t be there physically. “Thank you Seven. I don’t know what’s going on but please cheer up.”

Seven paused after hearing what she said. “Don’t….” His voice shook. “Care too much about me. You might not hear from me from now on.” [Y/N]’s brows twitched. “You’re my friend. I do care and I want to care. What do you mean by ‘might not hear from me from now on’ ??” Seven cleared his throat and changed the subject. “Anyways, please remember what I just told you. Do your best to the person who’s with you right now… Be faithful to the present. That’s the only way to create a happy future… You can’t ask forgiveness to a person in you past… and say thank you.” She tilted her head, wanting to understand what Seven was going through. “Seven, please.…” Her voice was shaking. She did not know the reason but how Seven was acting now made her felt really sad and frustrated. She wanted to help him yet she couldn’t. “I’m not really in the position to give anyone advise sot his is kind of amusing.” He chuckled ruefully. “I used to think that this chaotic world is funny… all those ridiculous ties, those fights, those victims… I thought I detached myself from that world after becoming a secret agent, but the more time passes… the more I realise I’m just the on who’s become chaotic inside.”

“God… I wish this were a dream.” He sounded like he was quietly sobbing. “Seven… You sound so hurt. Just tell me… I can listen.” She begged. “Haha…” He laughed. “Thank you. You’re so kind. I can see why Jumin fell for you. I wish I met someone as nice as you are when I was a bit younger… The only person nice to me was Rika…” “Seven… I know I can never replace Rika… But I really hope that you can rely on others. If it isn’t me, it’s okay. Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee and Jumin are there for you..”She said. Seven sighed. “I’ve talked way too much.” “Seven…” She called out. “I’m really tired. I should go now.” He smiled faintly. “Next time we talk, I’ll try to be the usual 707… Thanks for listening to my weird spiel. Goodnight.” He hang up right before [Y/N] could say anything.

“….” She lowered down her phone as she looked at it. She wanted to leave the penthouse and go check on Seven yet she had no idea where his place was. She also couldn’t leave the place as Jumin wasn’t allow her to. She lifted up her phone again and decided to give Jumin a call, wanting him to help her and let her go see Seven.

After a ring, Jumin picked up the call right away. “Do you miss me already?” The first thing he asked. He seemed to be in a really good mood and it made her had a second thought about asking him, since she didn’t want to ruin his night. “I do.” She answered. “I can’t stand not seeing you.” She pursed her lips. “I know how you feel but please wait a bit more until I get home. I have a lot to take care of. It’s amazing how my heart is still saying that I miss you even when I have so much work.” He smirked. “My brain is working but my heart is just thinking of you.” Then she felt guilty about her main purpose of calling the male. Hearing no response from her, he continued. “… I just thought of this while thinking about your face. Your hair. I’m worried it will just catch people’s attentions.” Her brow raised. “Catching people’s attentions?” She ran her fingers through her hair. It was smooth and silky. Was her hairstyle weird? “I’d like to take some time out to go change your hair style. What do you think? I think you’d like the style I choose for you…”

Did he just asked her to cut her hair? “I like having long hair.” She said firmly. Even though the female objected on his suggestion, he didn’t want to lose. “We’ll just trim a little bit. I think you’ll look fantastic with a slight trim. I’m already looking forward to it.” She walked toward the bedroom and observed herself in front of the mirror. “I didn’t say that I agree to trim it… But a change can do…” She looked at the tip of her hair. Seeing that the female was agreeing with his decision, he continued to suggest. “And you’d feel less bored at home if you learn an instrument… I think piano or the violin suits you.”

“Tell you something…” She sat on the bed. “I know how to play piano but not an expert. I think I can get my hands on it.” He smiled. “Yes… good. Suits you very well. I should get you more clothes. Something more clean and serious.” She shook her head. “No need to. I have enough clothes… “ Jumin disagreed. “A classic look won’t be that bad. A big hat, white gloves, a diamond necklace…. and a skirt that falls just below your knees.” “I can really now imagine how I will look like if I wear the things you just said.” She mumbled. “Good. I should check my schedule again. I want to make you happy… So just wait a bit more. I’ll see you at home soon.” He said. She nodded.

“Alright. I’ll see you. Don’t stress yourself too much.”



[Y/N] was lying on the sofa in the living room and wondering when would Jumin be home. He promised that he would be home soon yet it was really late and he was no where to be found. She turned to lay on her side, looking at the huge cage that Jumin bought for Elizabeth. Remembering the joke that the male made, she was curious about how would it feel like to in the cage. She got off from the sofa and went for the cage, slowly opened the gate. “I must be out of my mind…” She said as she crawled in and sat in the centre of the cage. She looked around. The cage was huge yet it was separating her from reaching the outside. Elizabeth was a free animal and when she was put in the cage, it would be a huge change for her.

“So this is how it feels to be in a cage….”


The phone at the living room rang and it made [Y/N] flinched. She quickly stood up and accidentally hitting her head toward the cage. “Ouch… ouch…” She slowly crawled out of the cage and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Good evening, Ms [Y/N]. Mr Han has just arrived. He will be up at your floor soon.” The receptionist had called. “Thank you… I’ll be here greeting him.” She said as she rubbed her head. Thankfully that the receptionist called to inform her about Jumin’s arrival. If he saw her being in the cage, he might think of her as a weirdo.

After fixing herself up and waited by the door for the male, the door knob finally turned. Jumin opened the door and saw her, he smiled. “[Y/N], how was your day?” He asked. She smiled and greeted him as she approached the male. “Hello, Jumin.”

“It’s a very happy thing to have someone greet you when you come into your house.” He said as he took of his suit and passed it to her. “I’d like for you to greet me everyday.. But I guess we need time.” He leaned forward and gave her a peck on her forehead as he loosened up his tie. “I hope nothing much happened today?” He asked and looked into her eyes. She wanted to tell him about Seven yet, Seven might not want anyone to know how he was. She only could lie about it. “Yes… But your meeting with your father went well?” She asked, trying to distract the male from her lies. She felt really bad about it. He nodded. “Yes… You’d know if you read the messages, but it went fairly well.” He took back the suit in her hand and walked her toward the bedroom. “I know… But I want to know the details.”

The male sighed as he hung his suit inside his walk-in closet. “He’s so into that woman that he didn’t change his opinion at once… but for the time being they won’t be able to manipulate him.” [Y/N] leaned herself by the doorframe of the walk-in closet and crossed her arms. “What did you tell him?” She asked. “I had to describe my feelings towards you to convince my father…” He looked back and walked toward her. “And that helped me organise my thoughts…” She stopped leaning by the doorframe and stood up straight as the male was a step away from her. He continued. “I’m a lucky man to have met someone as pure and wise as you are.” He took a step closer and they are almost an inch away from kissing each other. “This is quite embarrassing to say, but thank you for being by my side, [Y/N].”

[Y/N] smiled and shook her head slightly. “I should be the one to thank you, Jumin.” She said sincerely. Jumin was the one who proved her that Love could happen even just for a day. That she shouldn’t be looking at love by just logic and traditional knowledge. After what happened with her and her ex, she thought she would never trust love again yet Jumin had gave her hope.

Jumin cupped her face with both hands. “You really are so special. You are warm and soft…. unlike Rika. The kind words that come out those pretty lips move my heart.” He whispered softly. “Ironically at times, I don’t want to do anything but rely on you.” He rested his forehead on hers. “While I was away from you today… I kept remembering what you said last night about staying by my side…” She looked up to meet his eyes and smiled. He smiled. “Every time I remember that, I couldn’t help but smile.” “You’ll be by my side as I will be by yours.” She whispered.

He grinned. “[Y/N]. If your heart stays with me, then perhaps we can be physically apart.” He let go of her face and slid down his hands to his waist, pulling her closer. She breathed as her eyes traveled down to his lips. “Yes… I think it’s time for me to go back to prepare for the party.”
He nodded and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. “Yes, the party is important for everyone. Things are going well with my father and Seven says the hacker issue is solved, so I no longer have any excuse to keep you here.” He sighed, burying his face at the crook of her neck. “I don’t want to let you go but I shouldn’t be a child any longer. I’ll have to be an adult in loving you if I don’t want to shame my father. I’ll make sure you can go home safely first thing in the morning. I’m sorry I’ve kept you here so long.” His hug was tighter. [Y/N] couldn’t help but smiled and caressed the back of his head. “There…. There….” She said then slightly pushed him so that she could face him. “Thank you.” She helped him unbuttoned his first three buttons to make him comfortable. “We’ll be able to meet each other soon so don’t be so sad.”

She would miss this. This married couple alike lifestyle. She wondered would they still be like this once they go back to their normal lives? Noticing her expression, he smiled. “We’ll see each other at the party. So no need to be sad. Even though you’re going back tomorrow… Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with regarding the party.” She nodded. “I will… Alright! Time for bath, Mr Han. I’ll go ready the bathtub for you. So relax and enjoy the night.” She said and put down his hands from her waist. She turned around and readied to walk away, hearing him chuckled. She turned back to look at him. Once she left, wouldn’t he be lonely? He was used to have someone greeting him when he got home. But now that she would be leaving, there would be no one. Didn’t he miss Elizabeth?

“You really… don’t plan to keep her?” She asked. Jumin was returning his tie into one of his drawers. He paused and thought for a bit. “That’s…” He sighed and closed the drawer. “I was… a bad owner. I’ve never treated her as a normal cat.” He turned around and leaned his back on the drawers. “To be honest, I’m too ashamed to take care of her now. I want her to be loved as a true cat from now on.” He crossed his arms. “And… there’s another problem.” “But I think Elizabeth will be most happy by your side.” She tried to convince him. She did think that it would be good for both of him and Elizabeth. He looked at her. “Do you think so…?” He tilted his head, confused. “But I still remember her eyes when she looked at me. She always had her eyes wide open… Never had a lot of expression… So I can’t be sure that she was ever happy… I’ll think about it again since you’ve said that.”

She bit her lip as she looked down, feeling glad that the male would consider it once again. “Good… That’s good.” “[Y/N]” Jumin called out. “Hmm?” She looked back up, noticing that the male was looking at her intensely. “It’s time to go to bed soon.” She blinked and gasped. “Right! I’ll get your bathtub ready!” She turned around and was ready to go to the bathroom, but she felt a strong hand tugging on her forearm. Jumin leaned in from her back and whispered to her ear. “I want this to be a special night, but… I plan to keep my control. I know the best harvest period.”

Her eyes were widened. She felt that her blood was boiling with embarrassment. She quickly turned around and covered the ear that he whispered at. She gulped. “What….?” The male had that cheeky smile on his face and continued to tease her. “The more I think how this is our last night… the more juicy the fruit seems.” He said seductively. “So today, try to keep a conservative mind.” He pulled away from her and crossed his arms. “If I see the tiniest bit of opening, I’ll try to own you completely. I’m all in or all out, so please.” He pointed at her lips.

[Y/N] shrugged. What did he mean by that? Her lips gave him the idea of opening? Then she remembered that she was biting her lip with a smile a while ago when they talked about considering taking Elizabeth back. He found that arousing? She looked up at him and blinked. It was kind of provoking if she stood at his place. But she would never know which actions she does could provoke him. She blinked. What if she accidentally provoke him again?

“What happens if you lose control?” She breathed heavy.

“Well…” He leaned forward to her and tugged her hair behind her ear, then whispered softly. “I probably won’t let you sleep throughout the night.”

He bit lightly at her earlobe and made her squeezed. She immediately dropped on the floor and sat. She looked up at him and she was blushing. He squatted in front of her. “Then… shall we go to bed, my angel?”

He was clearly teasing her again. She shook her head and stood up, pulling him and walked him toward the bathroom. She pushed him into the bathroom and yelled. “Ready your own Bathtub!” Before slamming the door in front of him. She leaned on the door and placed her hand on her chest.

“I nearly had a heart attack…”
Hello :) (Smile) I apologize in advance if there are lot of mistakes in the story. 

I fell in love with Mystic Messenger and the storylines. So I decided to write the story base on the storyline of the game and adding some background, POV of the player. Also, it is base on Jumin's route. So if you haven't finish his route, read it as your own risk~

T-T Apologies if it is not your taste and it gets a bit boring. 

Will update once a week so stay tune XD 

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Mystic Messenger-Jumin Han:  Day1-2 (JuminXReader) -…
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Mystic Messenger-Jumin Han: Day 8.1 (JuminXReader) -…
Mystic Messenger-Jumin Han: Day 8.2 (JuminXReader) -…

I do not own Mystic Messenger or its characters. The only thing I own was the POV of the player.
Jumin X Reader 
Third person POV writing

Enjoy :) (Smile)
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