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“Why are you here?”

You could not believe what you were seeing, the maroon colored hair boy who left his dear friend behind, was standing in front of your house. You noticed that he was with some guy you hadn’t met before. It was great to see Japanese around here in a foreign place yet you were not expecting to be the boy who you consider friend/crush, left you without saying anything. They both were bringing big bags and immediately, you knew what the boys want. You were already exhausted from your busy high school life; you definitely had no time to deal with this guy.

“I miss my friend so I came to visit her here in Australia.” He used his charismatic grin toward you.

You snorted. “No shit.”

You walked past him and the unknown guy that was beside him and reached for your front door. You opened your bag and searched for your keys. You knew that the guys stayed closed to you as their shadows covered your surroundings.

“What do you really want, Rin?” You frowned and turned to face him.

The red headed boy rubbed the back of his neck as he choked on his words. “[name], I…. I need a place to stay….”

You sighed at what he had requested. Then you turned back to your bag and continued to search for the keys. It was like searching a dust in a black hole. “Didn’t I help you book the hotel?”

“Yes…” He groaned. “Yet it’s a double bed, not separate beds!”

“You didn’t clarify you wanted separate beds in the first place, plus you wanted to bring your girlfriend along.” You started to pull your things out and gave it to Rin to hold it, so that you could find your keys. “What was her name? Haruka? Lovely name, by the way. I’m giving you the opportunity to lose your virginity.”

He face-palmed. “It is not what you think!”

You stopped searching for the keys once again and looked up, waiting for his explanation.  He frowned and looked at you to see if you really did think he took a girlfriend here. You didn’t blink nor did he. Both of you were like having a staring contest.


You pursed your lips and crossed your arms. He quickly pulled the boy who was standing behind him right beside him. Rin pointed at the boy and reclaimed. “He is Haruka. He is a guy!”

You narrowed your eyes on the boy named Haruka and glanced back to Rin. “Oh! My apology. I made a huge mistake. Let me rephrase.” You cleared your throat. “Boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?????” He reacted.

“Oh Sorry… It is not my fault that you turn gay.” You mocked.

“Damn it! [Name]!” He groaned and pushed Haruka to be front of him. “Haruka!! Say something!!!”

“I’m Haruka.” He bowed his head a bit. “Haruka Nanase.”

“Idiot! I mean explain to her that we are not a couple!!” Rin scolded.

You sighed and decided to not let Rin had a headache. So you gave your bag to Rin for him to search for your keys. Once Rin got your bag, he knew what to do and quickly got the keys out from the unknown corner in your bag. Even though Haruka didn’t say anything, but he was amazed by the two of you. Not needing words to communicate, just like Haruka and Makoto themselves.

“You’re lucky today cause my parents are back in Japan for the moment.” You said as you grabbed the keys from Rin and opened the door.


You knew Rin quite a long time. You were his first friend here in Australia. You were born and raised in Australia but your parents were Japanese, so you are really fluent in English and Japanese. Unlike Rin when he first moved here, he was struggling with English. Because of the communication problem, he did not have friends. Being a good girl that your parents raised you to be, you approached him and be friend with him.

From that day on, the two of you were unseparated.  Wherever the two of you went, you both were together. Of course, except potty or bath time. You two would have sleep overs in each other houses. Your parents knew him well and his foster parents knew you well. You taught him English as he taught you how to swim. You were always there at his swimming practices. Even the team he was in knew you. People started to tease you two as a couple but you didn’t mind it because you were starting to fall in love with this cheerful boy.

As the two of you grew up, Rin was starting to act differently. He was always depressed. Even though he acted happy every time he was with you or his foster parents, but you knew he was faking it. As his frustration got worst, his attitude toward others started to be cold, including you. He kept everything to himself. Until one day, he disappeared. He went back to Japan without telling you. He didn’t even contact you afterward.

You cried for weeks. You couldn’t believe that he would just leave without telling you. You thought both of you were best friends. You knew he was stressing out from his swimming career but you thought he would not just abandon it. It was his dream. Then one unexpected day, he emailed you. Asking if you could book him a room in the hotel with someone named Haruka. You just broke down. After years of not contacting each other, now he wanted to bring a girl?  Yet you couldn’t refuse to help him. You just like him too much to hate him.


After learning that Haruka was the one Rin used to mention which Rin lied and changed the name into ‘’Daichi’’, you went to fix dinner for all of you. Rin came along with you to help while Haruka played with your white cat.

“Why did you lie about the name?” You asked as you opened the fridge to check what you could cook.

Rin bit his lip and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t want you to think that all of my friends in Japan have girly names.”

You took everything you need and turned to look at Rin. “Well… So what are the real names of ‘Mikoto’ and ‘Henji’?”

He pursed his lips. “Makoto and Nagisa.”

“Well.. Did I laugh or judge you?” You crossed your arms.

“No.” He replied as he avoided your glaze.

“Idiot.” You turned back to the sink and started to wash the vegetables.

He stood by your side and helped you cut the vegetables.

“You know… I swim again.” He said.

“You stopped? Oh… Sorry. I didn’t know that you stopped because you never try to contact me after you left.” You snorted.

“Look!!” He stopped and looked at you. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was… Lost… that time.”

“Wow… Lost..” You mocked. “How lost were you? Did you land on Neverland and couldn’t even phone me about it because there was no cable?”

He furrowed his brows. “When did you become that sarcastic?”

“The day you left.” You replied without hesitation.

“Oh.. So you’re blaming on me now, isn’t it??” His voice started to rise.

“Well if you really treat me as a friend, you would just call and let me stop worrying about you.” You put down the vegetables and turned to face him.

“It is not that easy. [name]!”

“Guess I’m not close enough to be your trust worthy friend then.”

He froze. His eyes widen and couldn’t believe that you assumed him to be like that. He clenched his fists.

“Fine! Just be it!” Rin grabbed his coat and went toward the front door.

You followed yet he slammed the door in front of you. You made him mad. You shook your head and crossed your arms. It was his fault anyway. Why would you feel guilty about it?? As you turned around, Haruka was standing behind you. You yelped.

He seemed to want to say something. He opened his mouth but then just closed it. You sighed.

“Don’t worry. He will come back for you.” You put down your hands and walked past him. “Let’s have dinner first.”

You quickly cooked the food and placed it on the table. Haruka sat down and you sat the opposite side. You two were in dead silent as you both started to eat. Awkward… You thought. You slowly glanced up at him and observed him. Rin was right in every description except for the name: Blue eyes and a cool attitude. While you were deep in thought, Haruka glanced up and met your eyes. You shrugged and looked down to you food. Continued to pretend you weren’t looking at him.

“He likes you.”

Haruka spoke out. You immediately looked back up and tilted your head in confusion. “ Huh?” is the only thing came out of your mouth.

“Rin. Rin really likes you.” He said.

You chuckled and shook your head. “How do you know? If he really likes me, I’m sure he wouldn’t just leave me with a question in my head.

“He always wants to call you, to hear your voice.” He said calmly. “But he doesn’t have the courage. He doesn’t want you to think he is a coward or even a disappointment.”

“Courage? If he didn’t have courage back then, why he decided to find me right now?” You put down your frock.

“Because he found his courage. He wasn’t like before, [name]. Back in Japan, he always mentions you. Whenever or wherever we go.” He explained. “He likes you so much that he just wants you to see the best of him. He wants to be the man you can be proud to stand side by side.”

You stay quiet and analyzing his words.

He continued. “He has your picture carry around in his wallet.”

You nodded.

He sighed.

“[name]. He loves you.”


“Why so late??”

Rin flinched as he tried to close the door quietly. He came back around midnight and the lights in your house were already turned off. Haruka was sleeping in the guest room whilst you waited at the living room, waiting for Rin to come home.

Rin slowly walked toward the sofa and sat beside you.

“I was just walking around on the street.” He said.

“Why didn’t you tell me you love me?” You looked down to your fingers and played with it.

He shrugged and turned to you. “Who told you?”


“That Idiot!”

You looked up and saw his face was red. Really red. Haruka didn’t lie to you. Tears started to form at the corners of your eyes. Rin was shocked and panicked. He quickly searched for napkins or tissue in his pockets, yet he couldn’t find any.

“You should’ve told me. You made me worried. You know what? The day you left, it was the worst day of my life! I thought I would lose you forever. I couldn’t find you or contact you. It was frustrating. I love you so much, Rin. So please don’t do that ever again!” You hit his shoulder lightly.

He quickly hugged you. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. That time, there were a lot of boys pursued you and it made me felt so insecure. Knowing that I was not the best in my team. So I wanted to be the best, want you to know that I am the best among the boys.”

He pulled away and wiped your tears with his long sleeve. “I promise you that I will never leave you again. So please, [name]. Don’t cry.”

“You promise?” You looked at him with a teary eyes.

“I promise.” He looked at you softly and lower his head as he was about to kiss you.


You both froze.

“I’m sorry. But does that mean I’m going back to Japan alone? ”

The two of you looked to your right and saw Haruka stood there. His expression looked worried. Rin quickly jumped off the sofa and tackled Haruka down on the floor.

the story happened when Rin took Haruka to Australia. Hope you guys like it :)
Sorry if there are mistakes or crappy parts, I tried my best. ~
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Jazellia Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
SHARK ATTACK!!! *grabs a microphone out of nowhere, commentating as Rin and Haruka wrestle* And it looks like the dolphin is gonna try for a comeback! Oh, but the shark has other plans! He whacks the dolphin over the head with a paper fan! And the fighting is getti-*is dragged into the fray and kissed*
ShakiraIcySilverWolf Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol the ending. I loved it :3 :squee:
angelplayer65 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Dont kill him rin!
Pineapple2002 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Omg Haruka is such a cutie!!!!Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
Lilysm Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
That was one amusing story!
And I silently waited for the "slap" part... Oh well, hitting shoulder was good too :D 
AnimeFreak1D Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Haruka....

jaerocklady Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
gooooodddddd.. i love it <3333333
KillDreamEata Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love your writting sooo much!
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